Uprise Festival and Jellyfish Theatre Performance

On this day the 2nd of October, in London town on the banks for the river Thames, we, the band Oscillatorial Binnage will endeavour to process sounds both acoustic and electronic into the perfect fusion of avant gard and ancient Indian ragaa. An ongoing project by the band.

Basically we prepare for tomorrow's live performance at the pop-up theatre in London Bridge, one more week until this AMAZING structure is torn down.

Two Resonance Radio Orchestra pieces, one by Chris Weaver - called Utility Frequency and another by Fari Bradley - called EQ (Emotional Quotient) based on the Persian Book of Kings will be on the same bill.

In the first hour, capping Sat night Fari B will be playing some of the tracks from her set at the famous anti-racism festival Uprise (formerly Respect) tomorrow at Finsbury Park. This event is a huge testimony to the determination of the London community, the most diverse city in the UK, possibly in Europe. We are one of the most integrated cities and as such we know best if we need an anti-racism festival. Boris, sitting in his drawing room, and his hurried advisors, are not. Basically, Londoners are paying it for themselves.

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