100 Club Special....

Music from the history of, and future of The 100 Club.

Threatened with closure the lovers of this iconic club fight back, despite a generally flaccid response from major musicians whose careers were formed there over the years....

I'll be looking for some interesting remixes and covers too. Meanwhile if you want to support click the image and find out what's on...and GO!

Tonight live: Chas (and Dave), and Roddy Radiation (The Specials) and his Skabilly Rebels.

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Anonymous said...


Is the first time i hear Resonance's Free Lab Radio Show.
Very interesting.
Could you post the tracklist of this program/edition. I really liked a song (very upbeat style, it seems being a cover) u played out at the beginning of the program i guess. Also a band called ''founded'' or something like that was very good too. Please could ypou post the track list of this show.


From South America