Skuzz Afrikaans - 'Baby's On Fire'

They made famous the term 'zef' (Afrikaans for skuzz, or 'common but cool'), and recently asked for support when quitting their label Interscope Records to go indie. This rather unforgettable video from the new album by Die Antewoord (The Answer), is less dark than their usual output, and features an extended intro. The artistic direction flirts unashamedly with the prevalent trend for women to look underage, while the storyline playfully documents the near-uncontrollable nature of adolescent passion (sic my 17 years old sister).
Yo-Landi Vi$$er has always looked like this, but the exaggerated references in this video are undeniable. Part of the video's success is also down to the gorgeous actors they've employed as Yo-Landi's would-be suitors, plus the car/bike stunts and the fashion - something Die Antewoord has been consistent with.

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