Tonight's Free Lab Radio Tonight: Eddy Temple-Morris

Tonight we've Eddy Temple-Morris in the studio, or as we've come to call him 'Mr Remix', discussing tinnitus, chess & the art of losing...

With 13 years at alternative commercial station XFM, Eddy presents their flagship The Remix show each Friday night. Plus he's also a record producer,  remixer, DJ and bass player in the band Losers.

Our interest in Eddy stemmed from his capacities as a musical polymath, and the fact that he is half Iranian, being the son of Baron Temple-Morris and Taheré Khozeimé-Alam (the daughter of Amir-Hossein Khozeimé Alam of Dezashib -  the last ruling Amir of Qaenat and Sistan, in what's now south-eastern Iran) who like many Iranians, fled to London from Iran in 1979 at the time of the tumultuous Islamic Revolution.

So what kind of music would Eddy bring us?

Surprisingly, a track we weren't immediately comfortable playing, alongside some class remixes (naturally) and a track from his one band Losers for which my favourite video is here below. To find out more tune in on 104.4FM at 11pm-midnight....

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