Tonight's Free Lab Radio - Indidginus Mix

From a studio in Cape Town comes a one hour mix of Middle Eastern inspired dub-step and electronic world music.

While the genre definition of  world music has become such a turn off (hackneyed to death as it is by the wealthy consumers that run festivals of 'world music' and thereby tacitly implying that western music is not part of the world we live in) Indidginus gets the balance of soft and hard just right here.

Here's Indiginus's bio on his site:
"Indidginus blah blah blah ragga drum swagga blah blah  blah best music you ever heard blah BBC Radio 1 blah blah blah NME, MixMag, DJ Magazine blah boner soup blah blah blah top rankin blah blah one to watch blah blah nominated for Mercury Prize and 10 grammies blah blah. Blah."

Listen in on 104.4FM in London or elsewhere.

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