Sat March 30th, Free Lab Radio - Cosmic Disturbances

Lovefingers is Andrew Hogge founder of the ESP Institute label LA, USA. 11pm-midnight we play out Cosmic Disturbances, a mix for Lovefingers that is a well-selected vinyl catalogue of space travel, politico funk and kraut rock and 70s electronica. This mix was done for the site by Hogge's friend Tim Koh (the bassist in Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti).

"I grew up with hardcore, which encourages you to get super into 7”s and colored vinyl and that kind of stuff. As far as connecting the dots, though, I guess that happened when I went to art school, which is when I met Tim Koh – the bass player in Ariel Pink’s band – and Eddie Ruscha, through Tim. And I started listening to a lot of random shit. There were a lot of mixtapes going around then, too… kraut rock and Aphex Twin and whatever else, thrown into a bag and mixed all weird. I guess the Dublab guys come from a similar place. I just found that awesome, how these songs could have nothing to do with each other, but, at the end of a tape, you’d be like, F*** – that was a journey. From there, any crate-digger dude just starts going down these avenues of discovery. Like, Okay – this one guy, what else did he produce? Just following the clues."
Hooge interviewed for Juno Plus Magazine.

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