Tonight's Free Lab Radio - Bobby Azarbayejani as "Sighup"

11-midnight March 1st on 104.4FM in London, online elsewhere

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A bespoke mix for Free Lab Radio from the half-Azeri producer 'sighup' aka Bobby Azarbayejani, co-founder of Tapdup Records in Seattle, WA.

'sighup''s music is deeply inspired by religious and spiritual thought, especially of radical Islam, and tonight's mix explores these elements. 'sighup’ just released a cassette single titled “OBE(T)/ARMY” on Tapdup Records. ‘sighup’ is an electronic musician based in Seattle, WA. As co-founder of Tapdup Records, an outlet for digitally produced electronic music, his sound is influenced by Chicago Footwork, ambient music, and non-Western music.

1. Ya Makkah - Traditional Arab Naat (‘sighup’ edit)
This piece is also known as Ya Taiba. I don’t know who the singer in this sample is, but I’ve gotten the tune stuck in my head pretty much every day since I first heard it, so I figured it would be fun to play with.

2. Hengameh Paykareh (“Time of War”) by Sadiq Ahangaran (‘sighup’ edit)
This is a song from around the time of the Iran/Iraq war, and I can only assume the crowd singing along are a bunch of young soldiers off to go to war. Sadiq has a ton of other music, and it’s mostly about Husayn, martyrdom or Karbala.

3. UNKNOWN. (‘sighup’ edit)
Unfortunately I lost the original name of this song. I think it’s a Hezbollah propaganda song I found on YouTube.

4. Darāmad (Homāyun) by Akbar Seyyed Hoseyn Tāherzādeh
This is a piece appearing on the 2014 Honest Jon Records compilation titled “Let No One Judge You”. My dad was so excited about this release when I told him about it.

This is a “mash up” of sorts by my Tapdup label mate SSPORTS. As its title suggests it is a mix between Three Six Mafia’s “Late Night Tip” and Grouper’s “Wind and Snow”. Personally, I think it’s away better than the original Three Six Mafia song.

6. C_L_E_A_N_E_R_S - “Real Raga Shit Pt. 1” (Excerpt)
This band is great. They’re from Brooklyn and have been putting out amazing stuff. Loads of beautiful found sounds. Check out this release on Bootleg Tapes.

7. A phone call from Aghayeh Karbalaii
Bahram Moshiri runs a radio show called “Sarzamineh Javid”. Aghayeh Karbalaii called in to recite an excerpt from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh.

7. Cedaa - Tiffany
Cedaa is a producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. This track came out in 2010, which is like a decade ago in juke terms, but it has really stood out to me since I first heard it three and a half years ago.

8. Millie & Andrea - Stage 2
Millie & Andrea are Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker. This track has been described by my roommate as “what SSPORTS would sound like if any of his songs were longer than a minute”. 

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