This Week's Free Lab Radio - Love Songs from Lebanon 1980s

DJ Umb from Birmingham, calls himself a "Conceptual" DJ". This particular playlist, features gems from 1980's heyday of Lebanese pop and love ballad, and brings Arabic poetry and melody to more Western classical and European and American forms.

"You do not have to understand the Arabic language to fall in love with a lot of these tunes! Indeed, the Arabic Voice and its music is some of the most beautiful & heart-breaking in the whole world, it’s just that many of you don’t know it, just yet!" Dj Umb

All his mixes are made on LIVE/1Cut on Pioneer 1000's MKII CDJ's & a DJM 600 mixer. The mix also featured in the Guardian Playlist: Middle Eastern and North African section.

Free Lab Radio, experiments in dance music, broadcasts Saturday 11-midnight, repeats Tuesday 4am GMT.  Twitter: #FreeLabRadio

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