This Week's Free Lab Radio - For All the Sea the Land Remains

For All the Sea the Land Remains is a 44 minute long sound piece from Simon Coates.  The bespoke work for Free Lab Radio features field recordings from Dubai and Fujairah - both in the United Arab Emirates - Istanbul, Bangkok and Vientiane in Laos.

In addition to employing field recordings for this piece, Coates plays harmonica, keyboards and guitar alongside digitally-manufactured acousmatic sounds. For All the Sea the Land Remains samples the songs 'Shagufa' by Geeta Dutt (1953), 'Hum Aur Tum Aur Ye Khushi' by Surendra (from the 1940 film 'Alibaba') and 'Aahen Na Bharin Shikve Na Kiye' by Zeenat (1945). Another film that is samples is Parviz Kimiavi's 1970s film 'Oh, Protector of the Gazelle'. 

The English text at the start is read by UK performance artist Caroline Smith, and was written by Simon Coates.  The Arabic text towards the end is read by Sara Al Haddad and is a line from Jonny Town Mouse by Beatrix Potter...with vocal contributions by Denise Coates.

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