This Week's Free Lab Radio - Micro-House, a History

Microhouse, a particular blend of house music with minimal techno, originates from the ’80s and ’90s dance scenes of certain cities, including believe it or not ones around Yorkshire, UK.

Microhouse became popular in the early 2000s with its minimalist take on house music, using short samples to replace drum machines with clicks, static, or everyday noises.

Yorkshire bleeps and bass, one of its mainstays, was a short-lived and very localised musical movement centred on the northern English cities of Bradford & Leeds in West Yorkshire and Sheffield in South Yorkshire in 1989-1991. The sound was characterized by harsh minimalism with elements of fink music, enormous sub-bass and future sounds described as electronic bleeps or other such as allowed by then new technologies.

The first record of the genre is generally agreed to be «The Theme» by Bradford Unique in 1989, although Leeds outfit LFO`s «LFO» was being played on white label at the Warehouse in Leeds for several months before being released on Sheffield`s Warp Records in 1990. The label then released the club anthem «Testone» by Sweet Exorcist, recorded with Richard Kirk of Sheffield and avant-garde experimentalists Cabaret Voltaire.

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