This Week's Show: Andrulian Guest Mix

Sound Art Dance Music Radio presented by Fari Bradley.

This week: Andrulian's guest mix for Free Lab Radio includes ambient, tech house and a future garage sounds. With tracks created by Andrulian for the Cities and Memory as well as Naviar Haiku by Naviar Records, Netklang Compilation by Fwonk*, the remix of Maya Wolff vocals and more, including an exclusive track for this mix.

An experimental producer, Andrulian has several solo albums online. For this mix he uses field recordings, sampled sounds and various synths and effects over the tracks. Tracklist below.

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Saturday 11-midnight on 104.4fm, digital and online from London.

Repeats Tuesday 4am on Resonance104.4FM

Last chance to hear, the following Saturday midnight-1am on Resonance Extra, digital and online radio in Brighton.


  • Eye of the Storm (Cities and Memory project submission)
  • Five Flower Lake (WEATNU Records = Summer 2016 compilation album) 
  • Eight Sunrays (Fwonk netlabel - Klang compilation album)
  • Chasing the Setting Sun (Sunday Constitutional album)
  • Echoes from Industry Long Declined (EFC project submission) 
  • Metamorphic (Tech Explorations album released on WEATNU records) 
  • Forever is Dead (Andrulians Wrong Choices remix of Maya Wolff vocals) 
  • Korhhisti (The Hesperides Sessions album released on WEATNU records) 
  • Resonance - exclusive track for this mix
  • The Ghosts of the Night (submission for Naviar Haiku #084)
  • Assimilation | Four (Assimilation album)

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