This Week's Free Lab Radio - Pimpology

This week's Free Lab Radio mix is from Beat Pimp, otherwise known as Mark from Sunderland, UK. What a wonderful duality.

An avid selector, Mark uploads a series of mixes decidedly retro 80s sounds especially the vocals and drum beats, laid over with new millennium digital sounds - the grit of dub-step interrupted by a quick scratch on the record decks, off-laid with real dub sounds.

"Taking out, pushing back and bringing up the funk! My aim is, Not to please others. Not world domination, or fame & fortune etc. But to reach good ears."

Often you'll hear a northern accent in the lyrics. Being from Sunderland, of course Mark might be drawn to these kind of sounds, fair play.

Saturday 11-midnight on 104.4fm, digital and online from London.

Repeats Tuesday 4am on Resonance104.4FM

Last chance to hear, the following Saturday midnight-1am on Resonance Extra, digital and online radio in Brighton.

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