This Week's Free Lab Radio - INDEPENDANCE

A rare 1986 release of gloomy dance music, for darkened dancefloors.

This cassette edited by INDEPENDANCE and signed by COLLECTIONISM, was a sound project led by Peter Fey, Peter Prochir and Tomas Fey. At once post-industrial and then rhythmic in a fittingly post-punk manner, INDEPENDANCE is considered by some as the most pure form of the Electro Body Music genre of the 80s, that began in Belgium.

"This album sometimes transports you to ethereal moments with textures of vocals in the style of VOX PUPULI ! At other times the music brings back memories to the sound TUXEDOMOON or some musical touches from Curve in the style of the late 70's CABARET VOLTAIRE."


A1 Intro 3:32

A2 Traumhautgesicht 5:37

A3 X@ss 5:50

A4 The Side-Effect 6:33

B1 Das Gift 5:03

B2 Sielwolf 6:12

B3 296 BPM 2:34

B4 Clarinet Backwards 8:02

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