'The Monitor Lizard' Vs. Preslav Literary School

In the second half of May 21st's programme we have an exclusive live in-studio session and interview with Preslav Literary School (Adam Thomas).

Adam talks to Chris Weaver about his transition from performing as a poet using backing tapes to becoming the Preslav Literary School,. They also ponder the rise in popularity of the tape medium in the audio arts and the release of Thomas's latest record Veer.

But for the first hour we take you up to midnight with sounds inspired by The Monitor Lizard, Korean artist Seung Pyo Hon, showing at Deptford's Bearspace gallery, which Fari Bradley will be DJing for at the South London Art Map afterparty this coming Friday.

The Monitor Lizard exhibition concerns itself with that eternal topic of evolution, man and machines, and so requires those songs that describe the ever continuing struggle between our electronic and human lives.

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