Saturday's Radio Show - FUTURE REIGNS

If the future reigns the past is its subject. Neo-Romo is now all over the London scene calling itself new wave, dark wave, electronic/post-punk, 'slightly gothy, synthy electronica'. On Saturday June 9th's Free Lab Radio we sample bands such as SOFT RIOT  / NOI KABAT / A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR and MILD PERIL plus Australia-based musician SHOEB AHMAD, electronics and guitar pop experimentalist soon to play his UK debut June 16th.

the new romantics in the 80s celebrated glamour; flamboyant clothes and hedonism, our Neo-Romos dress similarly but are not so reserved and so at odds with their clothes as the new romantics were. More at ease with themselves, they offer up darker, contemporary lyrics, with an even more effete style and better production.

So to celebrate the Underground Film Festival, the bands play live for Future Reigns with visuals from the equally stygian Underground Film Festival going on above them.

Mild Peril told us of their live performance:  "It's going to be a fairly improvised performance in the style of Tangerine Dream/Zombi/Steve Moore/John Carpenter type synthesizer music, that kind of thing."

In this scene the boys are prettier than the girls, they all smoke and nobody knows what these kids ultimately want because they beautifully express such moribund desires for things that are beyond life itself, even in the realm of science fiction, love and death.
Find out more about the event on June 10th and the subsequent Soft-Riot Euro-tour HERE.

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