Urban Turban - Cornershop's New Album 2012

The track here, 'Milkin' It' featuring In Light Of Aquarius from Cornershop's new album (released May 2012), is a critique of hip hop today. In itself it's a minimal crash, as adventurous in it's nudity as some tracks by MIA. The bass line says "Cornershop!" but the rest of it, really is an experiment for them. The guys don't seem to enjoy sticking to a genre, which for me is exciting and natural.
Stripping it bare when technology allows you to slap on more, is hot stuff right now. I keep going to parties where people are dancing around to a simple beat and some ambient noise, not much else. We're so overloaded, that we're reaching for the metronome so we can act out all the words and rhythms that  have built up in our heads during urban journeys? That's it! We're unwinding the urban turban a veritable beehive of sirens, advertising slogans, snippets of TV, radios and second hand I-pod noise and punctuated by bus brakes, alarms and drilling.
"Jiggy jiggy jiggy is all I hear; no rhyme, no style, no original beats."

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