Fluid technocrunk and Scrambled Sonics

Who said no one listens to entire albums anymore? Tonight's Free Lab Radio is a double album Xpoloration of two albums, one by Miguel Baptista Benedict and one by Koloah. We move between clear-cut programmed bass-driven beats, and cut up experiments that show an irrelevance for such formalities. Yet there are threads that bring them together, you dear listeners, will likely discern.

Koloah (Dmitriy Avksentiev)is all of these: Kievbass, Hyperboloid, Cut, Soulection, RAW, Car Crash Set and Robox Neotech from Kiev, Ukraine. A constant producer he's now on tour with his synth, performing with Daedelus and the like. Labels he works with are Kievbass, Hyperboloid, Cut, Soulection, Raw.

Miguel Baptista Benedict on releases on Brainfeed, Aphonia and Ninjatune. Based in Los Angeles, United States Benedict is a noise artist, vocalist and composer. He's been grandiosely called "a continuation of the dadaist movement" but in truth he's just a brave, dedicated talent with an ear for musical dissonance, hauntology and home made recording. Of his latest album he said " It’s supposed to be pronounced “Superb Children” I was trying to go for multiplicity but also individuality.”

Koloah meanwhile describes himself as "Music producer, video director, editor, screenplay wrighter, alcohol drinker, robber, brawler, hidden duke." Sounds tiring. His downtempo tracks carry textures such as Pets Can Rock, that suggest the link between the two.

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