Tonight's Free Lab Radio - Haroon Mirza '/o/o/o/o/'

“/\/\/\/\/\/\” Michigan Museum of Art, polyfoam triangular wedges
Tonight's show is dedicated to sounds created and disseminated by artist Haroon Mirza for his exhibition '/o/o/o/o/' at Lisson Gallery, London. We sample releases by Vinyl Factory on limited edition vinyl and listen to remixes from o-o-o-o, a project made in conjunction with Haroon Mirza's exhibition and which involves working with his source sounds, plus an interview with Mirza on details of the show.
For this project tracks by Factory Floor and Jellyman were issued on vinyl, one black and one as white as the white light of the reverberation chamber, one of the installations in the exhibition in which the sound of rushing water are fed into a brightly lit room.
The Lisson show continues until June 29th 2013 and Mirza has another show at the Hepworth Wakefield until 29 September.
Adam, Eve, others and a UFO, Lisson Gallery

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