The Stream - 13 Channels at the Mouth of the Sea

Image: Ed perkins
This week's Free Lab Radio extolls the current work of Call and Response, a sonic arts collective, in setting up The Stream. The Stream is a week long installation in a public space culminating a live performance for 13 3D speaker sound system featuring Mark Fell, Ed Perkins and Apartment House and Tonspur (a duo from Vienna).

The week long immersive listening experience The Stream in which visitors to a free lounge in Canada Water (amazingly the area has a cultural space) will experience enveloping electronic soundscapes composed especially for a unique 3-dimensional speaker domeculminating in a night of live performance on a 13 speaker 3D sound system.

For the show we hear a previously unheard interview with Mark Fell, plus audio files form each of the performing artists.
The playlist for tonight is:
Mark Fell - audio recording
Mark Fell interview 
Manchester Liberalism by Peter Szely
Immaterial - Jeremy Keenan
David Moss curated by Tonspur
Sam Ashely curated by Tonspur
The Stream 'Mantra' - Ed Perkins

Saturday 29th June's immersive multichannel audio works will be performed live by:
Ed Perkins and Apartment House – A real time
Canada Water Cultural Space
Mark Fell – Live Ambisonic performance (ambisonic recordings of an installation, plus multichannel FM synthesis and strobe light synced to the audio)
Peter Szely of TONSPUR – Live 13 channel performance social model and live audio-visual composition system

And tonight we'll let you know who you can get discounted tickets to the event!

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