Dry Clean Only

Garrett Gibbons made a kid-friendly radio edit version of Thrift Shop. We like it for several reasons. 1) we can play it on radio 2) it proves the song doesn't need the extras. Regardless of which version the track and video merit a mention because while recycling stands on its own as a motive to thrift shop, to be able to create your own style is entirely a talent in itself. Anyone can buy a look, only a few can build it or create a new one. And at no other time (that we can think of) has a track been better placed as a pop-rap release, because the ones listening to this will fall into one of two camps. For too long now music's been out of the hands of the one camp, and in the ears of the other. The industry, despite the democratisation of mp3s and bedroom studios, is flooded with privileged kids whose parents have driven them, parking outside for auditions, shopping for their wardrobes... Not since the 80s has a music genre belonged to a class. Take it back!

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