Static Gallery at Curfew Tower - Free Lab Radio on Resonance104.4fm

On Saturday night 11-midnight we begin a new season of Free Lab Radio nights with a composite of interviews and music from Bill Drummond's Curfew Tower (Country Antrim, N.Ireland) at a point when Static Gallery (Liverpool) were running the residencies. The Gallery put all the artwork they found hanging on walls from years and years of residencies at the Tower, into the dungeon, and instead put singers and artists in rooms with a Tascam 4 track recorder.

 The results of these unique residencies were sold in limited edition vinyl on Ebay by Liverpool based record label PRODUCT Records (Static's comment on the commercial nature of the art commissions) and a the Tower opened with performances by participants, including a piece with Clinic and another with Bill Drummond on bagpipes.

In this show we chat to Static Gallery's Paul Sullivan, performer Jinx Lennon and chef-for-the-night artist Tracey Moberly. Tracks are, in this order:
Harbinger - Paul Sullivan
Get the Tension Out - Jinx Lennon (Beetroot Spikey Head Face Observatory)
A Curfew Tower for Bill Morrison - Ex-Easter Island Head
Curfew Tower in Spring - CLINIC

Many thanks to Void Derry and the Northern Island Tourist Board for making this show possible.


Anonymous said...

Hello is there an option to listen again or D/L as a podcast?

Free Lab Radio said...

Hi yes it's up, check the Mixcloud link on the right.