Tonight's Free Lab Radio Show - Darkfloor is a Genre

Tonight, 11pm, an hour of solid music mixed by Scotland-based Nomina, as a live set for Mantis Radio, a station that specialises in darkfloor electronica, in May 2013. Nomina is Tam Ferrans who lives in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Like many modern-day producers he toys with a series of monikers, worried fans of one won't be fans of the other. Thus he also records as Mitoma, and as Altered:Carbon (great name for a band) with Andy Paterson (theAudiologist) to create even more abstract, hip-hop based music. On tonight's show we're treated to sparse garage material reworked as Ambient unCrunk, darkfloor electronica, 

Ferrans also co-founded the netlabel Section 27 one which his releases are amongst the 100+ they've produced since 2009. This year he also made this remix of Stormfield’s Collapsing System EP for Combat Recordings; a London based label who released the EP.
As Mitoma he'll soon be releasing a 3rd album Iso:Forms and has new Nonima material in the pipeline. 
Here's the playlist supplied with the mix

Lorenzo Montana – Qunatic Rajah [Psychonavigation]
Lifeblood – Gravitational Force of Destiny [Cicuta Netlabel]
Phat Chex – Electric Eyes [dub]
Bogger – Crash [digital-gadget/front]
House of Black Lanterns – Broken ft. Ghettozoid [Houndstooth]
Forest People – Leviathan (Scalameriya remix) [Driving Forces Recordings]
Adverse Event + James Jaymal – Hydrograph (Scott Zest remix) [Input Output Systems]
Hoth System – Data Spine [dub]
Myler – Blue Madams (Mørbeck remix) [Fifth Wall]
Minotaur Electronics – The Source [Noxgenus]
Cold Dust – Grounded (Umek remix) [Red Seal]
Israel Vines – WWKD [dub]
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (C Mantle remix) [Electrix]
Biome – Fear [Sub Pressure]
Mark Broom – Acid Dik (Beat Mix) [Power Vacuum]
CPTN – Lost [Mutant Bass Records]
Kalter Ende – Warrior Member [2010 Sttarret Underground]
Psyk – Intern [Mote Evolver]
Raw Village Hall – Thrush Strokes [dub]

Nonima – Jinx
Nonima – Lockheed
Nonima – [untitled]
Nonima – Paradigm (unreleased)
Nonima – Mefrac (v2)
Nonima – Symmetrophobia
Nonima – Looking Glass (version)
Dissolved – Pelagic Majesty (Nonimx)
Anno_Logic – AFP-PFA (Mitoma remix)
Nonima – Black Triangle ft. Dissolved (excerpt)
Stormfield – Collapsing System (Nonimx)
Nonima – Collider
Nonima – Protozoa
Nonima – Morphism

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