This Week's Free Lab Radio - World-Psyched, with Flamingods

A bespoke mix for Free Lab Radio from Kamal Rasool, a musician living in Dubai, UAE and founding member of Flamingods. Much in the vein of UK experimental band Flamingods Rasool seeks to portray ancient imagery in his sets, triggered by tripped out sound collages filled with energy, texture and depth.

Kamal's hypnotic mixes draw music from around the world, and aim to convey a manner of cross-cultural unification. In this particular mix, sounds range from 70s Bollywood funk, Ethiopian jazz, Balinese field recordings, West African folk music and experimental artists such as Lucky Dragons & Ibibio Sound System.

Broadcasts on 104.4FM across London and online, Saturday 11-midnight, repeats Thursday 2am.

Aritst: Title Track

1. GLIA - Derakht ' Anhjir 
2. The Bombay Royale - Ankhiyan
3. R.D Burman - Dance Music 
4. Acid Glasses - My Shell to Wait In / Cremation Procession (Rotating Coffin) (Sublime Frequencies)
5. Lucky Dragons - Honeycombhouse  / 21st Century Perspiration (Radio Thailand) 
6. Pregnant - Buried in the Garden
7. Budapest Radio Orchestra - The Lights of Hong Kong
8. Girma Bèyènè- Yebeqagnal 
9. Ibibio Sound System - Let's Dance (Yak Inek Unek) 
10. Ray Barreto - Acid 
11. Les Griots - Danse Du Fleuve 
12. Beaty Heart - Opal Loop 
13. F.Kenya - Madame Zehae Ala / Les Griots - Danse Des Flles Du Sable 
14. Mystic Moon - Lani Kai 
15. Belita Palma - Fidel Castro 
16. Kyeremateng Atwede & The Kyeremateng Stars - I Go Die For You 
17. Hailu Mergia - Shilela
18. The Bearded Hermes - Sun City Girls

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