Unknow What You Know - This Week's Free Lab Radio

This week your #FreeLabRadio producer played out on the beach here in Dubai, to a crowd of academics heavily involved in the electronic arts and young creatives living here in the UAE. ISEA2014, a roaming electronic arts festival is hosted this year by the United Arab Emirates. One visiting sound artist from Canada told me last night, "I would never dance to Love Shack, but that was the best damn remix I ever heard". 

As a nod then to the possibilities of reinventing the way we hear familiar music, this week we present the Magic Drum Orchestra mix made for their release by bandleader Bigga Bush.

Broadcasts Saturday night 11-midnight, repeats Thursday 2am on 104.4FM across London, or online everywhere else.

Do you love the beats? The band have released their own drum sample pack.

01 Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime Instrumental edit
02 Magic Drum Orchestra - Get Up
03 Lightning Head - Message Beats
04 Patrick Dawes - Garden of Love
05 Fela Kuti - Shakara (Ossie's Bump edit)
06 Blast Head - Mangrove Monkey (BiggaBush Unreleased Version)
07 Benga & Coki - Night (SDP Dub)
08 Lightning Head - Second Line Stomp
09 Classica Orchestra Afrobeat - Mr. Follow Follow
10 Geode - Get Dem
11 Driving Blind - Wandering Lions (BiggaBush Version)
12 Magic Drum Orchestra - Crunked Up

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