Free Lab Radio Podcast - Disquiet, Afternoon Music for Day or Night

This week: 'afternoon music' that can be listened to at any time: 21 tracks by 13 artists mixed by guest producer Marc Weidenbaum who founded and moderates the music community Disquiet Junto since 2012.

This seasoned selector and music reviewer put thought into this mix, as he is familiar with the Resonance104.4FM audience and has unfathomable archives, created by himself, at his disposal.

"This is mix of afternoon music that can be listened to at any time of the day — the work played here, 21 tracks in all by 13 artists, is generally ambient and electronic in nature, and yet it’s fairly rhythmic at the same time, some of the tracks more explicitly so than others. There are fractal algorithms from Erika Nesse, and refrigerator drones by Nystada. There’s elegantly layered sameness by Marcus Fischer and fourth-world blues by Yasuo Akai. Several of the recordings heard here are drawn from the music community called the Disquiet Junto, which I’ve moderated since 2012. The hour starts off with some brief dank techno miniatures by Vladimir Conch. Conch’s pieces are so brief, between 23 and 38 seconds each, that I’ve chosen to repeat a few of them, turning the five short original tracks into a suite of nine that begins where it ends."
noun: disquiet; plural noun: disquiets
  1. 1.
    a feeling of worry or unease.

    "public disquiet about animal testing"

    synonyms:unease, uneasiness, worry, anxiety, anxiousness, distress, concern; More
    nervousness, agitation, restlessness, fretfulness, jitteriness;

    "there has been grave disquiet about the state of the prisons"

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On air on 104.4FM across London, online and on digital.

Saturdays 11-midnight UK time, (2-3am GST Gulf Standard Time)
Repeats Tuesday 4am UK time (7am GST)
On digital across Brighton and online:
The following Friday 19:30-20:30 UK time (10:30-11.30pm GST) on Resonance Extra


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