New #FreeLabRadio Podcast - Cheh, Beirut

A bespoke mix for Free Lab Radio by Cheh with tracks by Overshift, Ahmet Mecnun, Ahmet Mecnun, Aney F, Exander, Luis Mora, Giacomo De Falco and Hassio (col), Luca Lento and Nukem. Chech favours Techno and some of its derivatives.

 Abdalla Chahine a DJ and producer from Beirut, recently returned to Beirut's music scene after time in Abu Dhabi. He cites his influences as Richie Hawtin, Kruder and Dorfmeister and Trentmoller, Ricardo Villalobos and Steve Lawler amongst others. Cheh performs at Minimal Effort alongside other breakthrough DJs. In 2011, he released on the Lebanese label, VL Records.

Broadcast Times:

On 104.4FM + digital radio across London:
Saturdays 11-midnight UK time (3am GST)
Repeats Tuesdays 4am UK time (8am GST)

Online as above:

Also on digital in Brighton, and online on Resonance Extra, Fridays 19:30-20:30 UK time

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