This Week's Free Lab Radio - Klankman, The Hague

Klankman from The Hague in the Netherlands, posts mixes under the series title Radioblog. This recent mix on vinyl, is what he calls "his twisted take on electronic music, with a punk attitude".

While based in Den Haag, Klankman (Maarten Epskamp) has been influenced by the sounds of original west coast acid, as well the gritty techno that characterises the Netherlands club scene. Since 2014 Klankman's been playing live hardware sets performing at clubs and festivals such as Incubate, Rewire, Strobe, Studio 80, Griessmühle and ://Aboout Blank.

Klankman's love for vinyl records brings together oldskool acidic techno with the latest low-fi house and dark electro productions.

Recently Klankman released his own productions on Details Sound, Tar Hallow and Bunker Records.


1. Syquest - Synapse (Synewave)
2. Inter Gritty - Sheep In Wolf's Clothes (Deepmoves)
3. Unit Moebius - Spoetnik (Atlantikwall)
4. Roger 23 - Physical Structure Contact ( Bio Rhythm)
5. Villa Abo - Water Galaxy (B orft)
6. Huburtus Kranz - Disturbe No A2 (Fracture)
7. Salo Mentale - SD 32 B3 (Syncom Data)
8. Paling Trax 2 B1
9. Andeh Lang - WNKB-CW B1 - (Will & Ink)
10. Inter Gritty - Mugdrum ( Deepmoves)
11. Roger 23 - TB Love (Bio Rhythm)
12. Kord & Nebula - Dub Off (Borft)
13. Villa Abo - Madrid (Borft)
14. Oliver Kapp - Magnolia A2 ( Theory)
15. Dimi Angelis - Green Aviation (Mord)
16. Paling Trax 1 A1
17. Samuli Kemppi - Posthuman (Nonplus)
18. Regal - Impulsive Feelings (Involve)
19. Smuli Kemppi - Engineer Of Souls (Nonplus)
20. Faster Action - Disaster Crash (L.I.E.S. Black)
21. Jerome Hill - Drumwar (Swords)
22. Chino - Paper Rider (Holger)
23. A Hand - Negative Connection (Details Sound)
24. Unit Moebius - Kuiken II A1 - (Bunker)

Saturday Nov 5th 11-midnight on 104.4fm, digital and online from London.

Repeats Tuesday 4am on Resonance104.4FM

Last chance to hear, the following Saturday midnight-1am on Resonance Extra, on digital radio signal and online in Brighton.

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