This Week's Free Lab Radio - Let's Have the Windows Open

In Fari B's mix of new releases this week, is a haunting protest piece by Norwich based Birds of Hell, with whom there's been some correspondence at Free Lab Radio:

"I've decided to name the whole show after you track. 
Did you hear Zizek has endorsed the change Trump would bring? I'm freaked. I hate the system; Hilary is evil, Washington which she represents is evil...the system of uncapped lobby spending is evil///. Trump could devastate USA in terms of climate change and reverse progress made towards a tolerant society even further than his stupid antics already have. What to do? If the Americans won't wake up and demand, en masse, reform of their system, we can only -
Make a rave! With the windows open!
Make more music!"

The text and music for this opening and titular track on Free Lab Radio, is by Birds of Hell - who is a chap called Pete Murdoch - wearing the Trump mask too in the below video which only serves to sharpen the dark isolation the track conjures as we face powerlessly, a personal game play by people with the world in their hands.

Also featured this week are Pussy Riot's new protest track against Trump: Straight Outta Vagina (this rocked a recent DJ set we did in East Germany for Radio Revolten) plus new electronic bombasticism by TikandBorrow (released by InFlux Audio also Yorkshire based - is a theme developing here), Peggy Gou, Pional, Mieux, Chrome Sparks, Aaron Jackson Ft. Megan Hamilton, Romare, Jay Daniel, Bopol Mansiamina and Justo Valdez de Son Palenque and Illum Sphere.

Saturday Nov 5th 11-midnight on 104.4fm, digital and online from London.

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Last chance to hear, the following Saturday midnight-1am on Resonance Extra, on digital radio signal and online in Brighton.

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