Wraetlic - Rats \\.../// [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Taken from Alex Smoke's "WRAETLIC" album forthcoming on Convex Industries, RATS is a mesmeric new video pushing the tensions around pixellation of thought, dimensions, presence and that increasingly topical discussion of how-far-is-the-image-real, all matchingly evoked in his music. Listen to past work by Alex Smoke as Wraetlic (the name of both his side project and album).

After listening to Rats about ten times, I'm asking myself can this genre of haunting minimal techno only be stark? Africa-HiTech certainly had some buoyant aspects to their last album 93 Million Miles but it has the same overtones. We are not expecting anyone to defy their musical style, the question is more about how many palettes this genre affords us. How to be minimal then, dodge melancholia and keep your chin up? Send in any samples you've come across that you feel achieve this, we'll likely play them on air and give you a shout.

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