Tonigh'ts Free Lab Radio - Lo Recordings Exclusive

Lo's Summer holidays
This week's guest DJ is Flavio Nunes, from Lo Recordings, presenting a superb playlist and exclusive free downloads to give away! Listen in to find out where to get your tracks.

Lo Recordings label was founded in 1995 by Jon Tye. They are noted for their strong visual style thanks to Non-Format, with whom they work closely and won a D&AD award for several of their release sleeves.
Lo & Behold, the home of Lo Recordings, is also about esoteric events amongst other surprises. Home to Luke Vibert,  The Chap, The Adamski Kid (related?) and more, from time to time Lo promotes their music with free downloads and tonight is one of those!  Listen to the show to get your free downloads exclusive to Free Lab Radio listeners.

Flavio Nunes a film and sound enthusiast currently working at Lo Recordings, using video, photography and cine film in his practice. He also did a stint at, a not-for-profit arts-space in Bethnal Green specialising in filming, developing and expanding 16mm and 8mm cine film. Nunes builds his own electronic musical instruments and experiments with accompanying visuals, contributing to the music-video industry. 

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