MIA Latest Video - 3d Gun Prints, Drones and 1984

World's Smallest Drone, So Far The Bugbot Nano
And the video was banned, MIA's label wouldn't upload it. But before we get too excited, MIA is just doing what she does best, hunting out what's cool and edgy in subcultures so that she can play off that. Parrots, neon, dogs, monkeys, MIA and the Party Squad make a tropical zoo out of estate life. The video  here - aside from the musical reference below; Shampoo Trouble - an Orwellian Dystopia in which we are monitored from the sky and online, and kids printing guns are either prepping for war or to burn out in schemes of their own doing.

 Much like the Shampoo rebels below thrown
out of the O Bar last century (the bar's still standing by the way) these kids are spirited, the best bit is the girls in burqas with the faces of other women printed on them, many of the kids are twins (a reference to the increased use of fertility drugs or cloning). What's weird is not the retro nature of the video, so many producers are into retro right now (check Casiokids) or the retro beat (TIME magazine mistakenly call it dubstep-inspired, but really it's a mash up of styles and works well that way) it's the way the kids behave, there are no adults present (aside from Mamma-MIA) plus the fact that she uses auto-tune and no one minds. These kids don't rate each other on their guns, the DIY guns look like toys, and they hang out in prison regulation sweatpants under the UFO-like drones. Nevermind that drones now can be as small as a bug.

"This sounds like science fiction, but to some it's not so far fetched..."
This isn't what we expected to hearing about MIA right now. For example, how's she managing that   $16.6 million lawsuit from the NFL for flipping the bird at the Superbowl?

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