New #FreeLabRadio Podcast - Sleeve Notes

This show's all about the sleeve notes, in the age of the mp3 that comes without a real gift that can be touched and physically enjoyed, we play tracks from CDs. Features are Jerome Bourdellon, album Trajet Solo, track: Papaoel. Sudori -the album by Pino Minafra, the track Trib-Bal.  Plus author /musician Kirk Lake, the album The Black Lights, two tracks Clarke Vs Tyson and "Finish your drink so I can get your glass to the wall there's something more interesting happening next door." Plus 'Kymatik' with their album Dars Al Sulh, Dentists for Mice.

After that is Boogie Balagan, with Mojo Lady 75 and Dalida Blooz (the Baboosh Remix).

Plus tracks from the CD by Flame Proof Moth (previously The Boycott CocaCola Experience) Album: Women Should be in Charge; Retail Opera and Gas. Kate Bush with Ariel from the double album, called Ariel. Secret Archives of the Vatican, with the track Isa Al Hamid.
Lastly Salif Keita, with his track Nou Pas Bouger, meaning Don't move us, or Don't shift us.

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