Tonight's Free Lab Radio Show - Sleeve Notes

Tonight it's all about the sleeve notes, in the age of the mp3 that comes without a real gift that can be touched and physically enjoyed, we're driven to play tracks from CDs for which we've got sleeve notes, different paper textures, artwork and graphics as well the text and lyrics. So coming to you from the land of CD case and sleeve, all taken from the shelves here at the Bradley/Weaver Household, we've a really mixed bag, Italy, Peckham, Texas…
Features are Jerome Bourdellon, the track from Trajet Solo: Papaoel.  The sleeve notes to this CD include a quote from John Cage
"This is a talk about something and naturally nothing. About how something and nothing are not opposed to each other but need each other to  keep on going."

Sudori an album by Pino Minafra with an inset essay by art historian and editor of "Jazzthetik" Markus Muller; referencing ethnologist Claude Levi Strauss saying

"Listening to Pino Minafra is about reactivating our hidden perceptive faculties, in the widest sense, its about discerning planets during daylight and to suddenly realise that these planets must have spun out of one of those black holes in the contemporary music universe that no one of us , due to the so-called age of information, expects anymore.

From Milan then, we hear the track Trib-Bal.

Plus author and musician Kirk Lake, who we recently played on Free Lab Radio for his collaboration with UK Pakistani artist Shezad Dawood, sent in his CD the album The Black Lights, from which we sample two tracks Clarke Vs Tyson and the unusually titled "Finish your drink so I can get your glass to the wall there's something more interesting happening next door."
Plus 'Kymatik' with their album Dars Al Sulh, and the long track Denists for Mice.

Also on tonight's show are returning Middle Eastern band Boogie Balagan, we hear from them Mojo Lady 75 "she's a warda from Tarabeen, my parisienne" and Dalida Blooz (the Baboosh Remix).

Now two short tracks from the CD by FlameProofMoth (previously known as The Boycott CocaCola Experience) Women Should be in Charge; Retail Opera and a very short version of an already short song, his most well known track, Gas.

Kate Bush with Ariel from the double album, called Ariel (pictured).

Secret Archives of the Vatican who's CD sleeve features from Arabic digital art Babylon Halt, their track from it "Isa Al Hamid."
Lastly Salif Keita, an internationally recognized Afro-Pop singer, an albino and a direct descendant of the founder of the Mali Empire, with his track Nou Pas Bouger, meaning Don't move us, or Don't shift us.

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