Radio Cosmosis - Neologisms

Cosmacoma is one of those terms you've coined to explain a phenomenon that you don't know the term for, because there may not be one. It began with me thinking of Cosmosis which I had no idea was already loosely a pysche musical term, just today as I was looking to describe the dreamy but driven state of a radically religious person of any denomination who barely interacts with this life because they're purely engaged with the next.  It's a fervour that makes one distant now, preparing to even die for what comes next, a militant romanticism comparable with medieval crusadic Christian poetry. I had already contemplated this state without giving it concise a name while reading  How to Win a Cosmic War by Reza Aslan some years ago, in which he describes the thinking (or absence of, hence Cosmacoma as an extension of Cosmosis) linked to coma) of those that kill in the name of faith. Aslan does this by relating the narrative from the imagined perspective of suicidists based on what he knew of their faith and their actions:

"He was not coerced into committing his awful crime; he was not brainwashed. He was a zealot, acting alone and without guidance from anyone save God; he was a knight, called by God to renew his faith by shedding the blood of unbelievers; he was a martyr, sacrificing his own life for the lives of 'his people."

But sure enough look it up and Cosmosis is primarily a musical term, the psyche kids have been there on mushrooms and whatever they've taken, and made the term part of their chillosophy. There's even a Radio Cosmosis beaming out of Nashville, Tennessee.

"To enlighten and be enlightened musically."

In the end the term I need to use is Cosmacoma. In any case, thinking about it led me to these 'cosmic' mixes from Iranian Sama living in Cyprus, for which I'm grateful.

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