This Week's Free Lab Radio - Bandish Projekt Liberté 2014

Where have these guys been? Performing since 1998 by producer, Dj and multi-instrumentalist Mayur Narvekar, Bandish has been experimenting with Indian folk melodies of yore fused with IDM, releasing their first album in 2009 with the album ‘CORREKT’. Now in 2014 the newest album is called CONNEKT, and despite having released albums since then, there hast been a media buzz about them since the single “BROWN SKIN BEAUTY “ feat. Last Mango In Paris, all released on Bheja Fry Records. BANDISH PROJEKT has performed in Dubai, UK, Sweden, France, Amsterdam, Australia and at Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sommerszene festival (Austria), Melbourne Electronic Festival, and more. 
Tonight's Bandish sample mix is titled Liberté which means freedom in French, features a wide range of sound elements mashed up with Indian classical, Marathi film music, and samples currently in my ear...all the result of what I am hearing from all around the world. I dedicate this mix to all those that seek Freedom in all its forms: creative, political, spiritual and human.
Artwork by Bosky Cherin. Broadcasts Saturday 11pm-midnight, repeats Wed 2am on

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