This Week's Free Lab Radio Mixx - ZZK by Frikstailers

Cumbia, space, bubblegum - this duo from Argentina Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona love hypnotic, tribal sounds.

They've delivered a superbly deranged remix of Die Anterwoord, and since 2006 have been playing tunes that in Latin America are considered trashy, even today. Set for a major tour, they've come to the attention of some of the mainstream trendmakers in the digital music scene, since their Redbull PanAmerika listings.

This mix is from their first label ZZK based in Buenos Aires, and although the duo have relocated to Mexico, they won't be at home for a long while as they ride out their success. You can get their more recent mixtape Thump for free HERE.
11-midnight on
The last part of the show is a track by Umisetsu & Martin Dot, called Greenwater, selected by Chris Weaver for tonight's show. This long tonal track was originally on an album from Rain Netlabel and was rereleased by Phlow Magazine "Their Finest Hour". It's been in Fari's playlist for some years now! 

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