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Fake fur massacre

At still from ISAM
11-midnight tonight we're airing the one and only mix put out by DJ Two Fingers this year. The reason it merits attention, apart from being a great mix, is that it's the only thing Two Fingers has produced this year, claiming "a year in the studio". This would not normally be significant but that Two Fingers is an alias for super-producer Amon Tobin. Tobin was on tour last year with his hyper-surreal DJ 'experience' ISAM. We caught the show at Camden Roundhouse, it was impressive, all enveloping and distant. The team working with Tobin created the most astounding projection mapping show perhaps of all time, while the DJ himself was mostly hidden inside the wall in a cube, only partially visible at moments during the show.

Two Fingers was originally a collaboration with fellow producer Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman. Their first eponymous release came out in 2009 and heavily featured UK vocalist Sway.
The second album, Stunt Rhythms was a solo work by Tobin and was released worldwide by Big Dada in 2012. The most popular track from Stunt Rhythms is Fools Rhythm, included in Ninja Tune's 20th anniversary "XX" box set,
Recent works include the theme music for the BBC America/Space original series Orphan Black, composed by Two Fingers and also the release Vengeance Rhythm which comes with the most brilliant teddy-bear slaughter video (pictured, and posted here at the time) in 2012.

Tonight's mix "TF DJ SET SEPT 2013", is a self-released free download made available in January 2014. It was produced by Tobin in Montreal, and comes with this proclaimer: "As this will be mainly a studio year for Amon we are posting one of 2013's Two Fingers DJ sets for you to download. Fond memories, good times. Thanks to all who stepped out and got down to this!"

He's still tweeting, however his musical silence is even louder after ISAM's echo. Broadcasts Saturday 11-midnight on 104.4FM (London), repeats Wednesday 2am. Listen live online with this handy RadioPlayer.

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