This Week's Free Lab Radio - Vaporwave

Vaporwave, a mushy, so-cheesey-they-are-cool series of adapted samples of '80s & '90s TV infomercial and corporate muzak, made today. On this week's show we play both good old fashioned, hi-fidelity vaporwave and progressive (adapted and made on new hard and software) vaporwave.

Samples are might be pitch or tempo shifted but they are still recognisable. Reimagined 80s Microsoft advert with a whole load of obsessive compression and reverb, tracks are often very short...Vaporwave examines the vapidity of mass mainstream media and its promises, the short-sightedness of libidinous 90s yuppie culture and celebrates the perennial nature of advertising most of its producers suffered growing up....

Other similar genres are chillwave, grave-wave,
sea-punk, witch-house and of course one that the ResonanceFM performing collective explored quite a bit in the 2013-14 hauntology.... Vaporwave often crosses into genre we've looked at before on Free Lab Radio, such as Chiptune and Brostep.

Featured this week are: 
Shisa and Choongum (released on cassette)
Oneohtrix Point Never
Fortune 600
Greeneyed Meganekko
Space Arabica
VHS Logos and more....

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