This Week's Free Lab Radio - Electro-Congo

Konono No1 Meet Batida
This week to mark a new release, we are broadcasting a contemporary congolese dance music Free Lab Radio special.

Selected new electro-Congoloese alongside tracks by legendary band Konono (formed 1966) from Kinshasa, DRC who released "Konono No1 Meet Batida" this month. For the album Konono joined forces with acclaimed Angolan/ Portuguese artist Batida for the album. "Konono No1 Meet Batida" released on April 1, 2016 and was recorded in Batida’s garage-cum-studio in Lisbon, and reflects the city’s vibrant, cosmopolitan music life. Also featured this week are Congolose drum 'n bass and other forms of right-sounding electronica.

"At the African Club, there are no bad tracks." Fari Bradley, 2016.

About Konono No.1 The grammy award winning trio combine three electric likembĂ© (a traditional instrument similar to the thumb piano or mbira) with voices, dancers, and percussion instruments  made out of items salvaged from a junkyard (this is something close to our heart). For some reason they also distinguish themselves by using a microphone carved out of wood fitted with a magnet from an automobile  and a gigantic horn-shaped amplifier! 

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