Free Lab Radio - Say 29th Jan Snafu and Feedback

The lead up to midnight starts at 11pm as we explore snafu
Entry: glitch

Definition: error
Synonyms: bug*, defect, flaw, hitch, malfunction, misfire, mishap, problem, setback, snafu, snag, something wrong, snaffu

From 1am we are continuing the investigation into feedback.

Exclusive unreleased live recordings from the 2004 "Feedback: Order From Noise" tour that was curated by Knut Aufermann, followed by a live, as-of-yet untitled, electro-acoustic work in progress by Oscillatorial Binnage. The piece is centred around the use highly amplified springs, captured magnetically and acoustically. This work is to be premiered at Cafe Oto on the 22nd of February

A magazine to coincide with the Feedback tour was produced by the London Musicians' Collective and is now a collector's item, available from in PDf format here:

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