Sunday at Video is the Only Constant.

DJing on Sunday with a drummer was an eye opener. The drum summoned people in to listen, it's acoustic strength is so physical that it went well with the mega new sound system (since early last year?) at Corsica.

'The Video Is' team screened shorts on a white sheet on stage, some of which were truly amazing. This film maker below, for example, explained the technique for which he has become known as a pioneer and one of the best in his field, no less. Ian Pons Jewell, very interesting, he is one to follow!

The highlight of the evening was the screening of a reel of 16mm film we'd all drawn on. It had been laid out on a dining table covered in white paper and surrounded by tempting pens in the bar. It was a guessing game waiting to see how the static images translated on the projector, and a worthy collaborative project to end the day with. Video Is free, laid back and always well attended. I suggest you join their mailing list.

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