Jan 15th 2011- Turkish, Minimal, Politics, No-Input & Y.A.S.

...because we can.

Bringing you the set that can never be played elsewhere, because it's more a chaotic diary of the past month. After Christmas a certain yen for minimalism developed (all praise excess) as we auditioned tunes for our first show of 2011: Datasette, Tokimonsta, Nosaj Thing.

Since then reprocessed doleful sounds of the 80s, political content from A.K. Rockerfeller, as yet unheard Turkish sounds from Djanan Turan and our FEATURED ARTIST, this week from Lebanon. The lovely, Y.A.S. who you may remember from Soap Kills. Many thanks to those who sent in their tunes. If you fit the bill, send us your track submission.

A mixed set for a month of mixed feelings. Up to midnight and then....

On the 2nd part of the show, a introduction to the practise of the no-input mixer through a short performance and pieces by Christopher Weaver. He has now embraced twitter so feel free to spam him. Some interesting collaborations might be on the cards this next two months. Thanks to Cafe Oto for allowing us to pilfer their performers. Come 1am we'll have zoned you into some kind of phonic slumber.

NB: Fari is Djing this Sunday at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle for Video is the Only Constant with a live drummer. It's free 5-10.30pm, very laid back....

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