This Week's Free Lab Radio - Freedom Fry HiFI

11-midnight on Resonance104.4FM.

Tonight's bespoke mix for Free Lab Radio comes all the way from USA. Originally a Dubliner, now resident in Philly, collector and recorded sound enthusiast, Freedom Fry HiFi is chasing the crackle. From home burnt music to acetates and 78" vinyl, he plays world and 60's electronic compositions, as well as home recordings. Catch more of his shows on the internet.
In this age of quickly generated, pumped up digital files, it's refreshing to have someone willing to freak out on the dancefloor to more distant sounds. There's an undeniable fidelity in these obscure recordings, a pleasure to hear.
 Mama Didn't Lie - unknown singers taken from vocal booth recording
Singkil -Bayanihan Philippine dance company
Leiyla and the poet - Halim El- Dabh
Hog Bot Song Chunt - Thai group
Poppies - Buffy St.Marie
Lament of a satellite/ Trip to the moon - Margret Brill
Khmer loeu - Phleng Kar ensemble
Take off (for metric transperformer) - John Pfeiffer
El hum hum - Julio Erazo y su conjunto
Korea memorial song -Oglala singers
Don't make me over - unknown singer, camp akiba 1978
Stemning - Egil Storbekken
Gogov Gogov -Tatiana Makharadze and Georgi Bugadze
the snow is dancing (Debussy) - Ruth White
Composition for viola, electric keyboard and percussion - Entourage
Ne beh ah son (harp) - unknown performer recorded in Belize by David Blair Stiffler
Star Engine (excerpt) - Douglas Leedy

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