Black Sea Series - Tonight's Free Lab Radio Show

11-midnight 104.4FM in London, on HERE online
Tonight's show is a mini-mix by Fari Bradley and a 35 minute guest piece by Jad Atoui, whose soundscape work occasionally crosses over into music.
Tracks tonight are from Persian Dubplates (UK/Iran), Satelliti (Italy) remixed by Vessels from Leeds, Non-Classical's Juice Vocal Ensemble (UK) and the Calgary Boy's Choir (Canada) singing a reworking of an Indian bhajan. 
 ::Jad Atoui:: Born in Lebanon, 1993 Jad Atoui is based in NY, where he produces music and experiments with electronic sounds. Jad has been composing audio pieces since 2008. Using his electronic gear, he creates a sound that fits somewhere between ambient, soundscape, garage and glitch and hashis work has featured in the magnificent Pompidou Center (2012, Paris). As a performer Jad Atoui has played with renowned artists like John Zorn, Igorrr, Ikue Morie, One man Nation, Tarek Atoui, Erik Friedlander and C-drick Kirdec. 
:: Black Sea Series:: 
 Black Sea Series is a fusion of influences from Beirut of new experiences lived in New York. The altered field recordings have been collected since 2011, and they express raw unedited sounds as they appear in nature, focusing on this disruption of perception related to the world surrounding us. The sonic feel in this body of work shifts from oriental to almost purely electronic, harsh yet hypnotizing sounds, which reveals the journey of life blooming, of a change, a voyage.

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