Who is 'Xentos Fray Bentos'? #ResoFund

As part of the #ResoFund "I ♥ ResonanceFM" fundraiser we are highlighting items donated by ex-The Homosexuals member Xentos, Amos - (Amos and Crew , Amos & Sara , Amos and Superslicks , Sara Goes Pop , The Tesco Bombers, The Work), Dave Marsh, King Kobra, L. Voag, Narky Brillans (The Just Measurers) who is Jim Welton. One time producer of the renowned ResonanceFM series Harmon e. Phrayser.

Items on auction (pictured) are:
  • 5 x Perfect Vacuum CDs "The Music of the 21st Century"
  • 3 x Ischio Romantico CDs "From the Hip" made with Lepke B and The Bohman Brothers, Leonard Aspen and Roger Boulding - now unavailable on Amazon.
  • 5 x Narki Brillans "Narki Goes into Orbo"  
  •  These will be for sale via the Auction Page later today until tomorrow.
At rare times cult-status Xentos Fray Bentos has been known to make public appearances for Resonance104.4FM, even producing a series of live radio shows inside the Serpentine Gallery exhibition by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija but generally he is a shape-shifting shirker of accolade focused on creativity rather than reputation.  There has been a recent documentary on him, though.

His Discogs and other profiles remain incomplete, unsurprisingly as the man is difficult to trace as he appears on many unlikely albums and tracks such as the Otomo - Rowe Ajar on the label Alcohol, which also releases his work with the once extremely cool collaboration with Lepke B, Ted "Bongo Bongo Barrow" and more in Die Trip Computer Die, for which the credits are made out to Castle Buckwater. If you can speak French and have excellent hearing, Xentos features on this Radio Panik radio podcast.

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