Casiokids Come Back

We like this too much. Possibly ten of the 40 thousand Youtube views might have been traces of us. OK maybe not, but the tight compression and the rhythm with it's mixed in African drums is just amazing. It's liberating too to have absolutely no idea what the lyrics mean, the light flow of the synths over the near-tribal drums narrates a story of its own unencumbered by "Yeah, yeah, yeah baby" or whatever it is in Norwegian. The video is typically narrative for the a-ha-endorsed Casiokids too; this is a contemporary kind of altar boy, in the super-chichi-retro temple of adoration of everything vintage. Liberated by electromagnetic TV voodoo the kid disco dances his way to the self-awareness that comes with adulthood. With nothing released since 2011 the band seemed to have underground but they were touring, appearing in pubs in the North of England and now back in Scandinavia. More recent work by the group is even more lo-fi casio, playfully delivered. What news? Watch this space!

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