"Zoukesque" Tonight's Free Lab Radio Show, 11-midnight

Dj Umb's Release Zoukesque II
11-midnight on 104.4FM we broadcast an hour's mix Digital-Zouk by conceptual DJ "DJ Umb" provides an hour of Zoukesque music for Free Lab Radio this week. 

The Birmingham producer describes the mix like this:

"As usual, recorded live on semi-ancient machinery: Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MK2 and Pioneer DJM 600 – 1st cut/ live recording." 

Mastered by JSTJR, "Zouk Bass" is a term coined by Portugal's Buraka som Sistema during their infamous Boiler Room session in Feb 2013 to describe updated club sounds of an Angolan dance genre called "Tarraxinha" or "Tarraxo".

See him in action in Roskilde in this rare video below. Listen in on 104.4FM across London, or on this radio player HERE

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