#Grammys - Most Titanic 80s Synth Jam Ever on Video

Herbie Hancock - Yamaha KX1, Thomas Dolby & Stevie Wonder - Kurzweil 50, Howard Jones - Yamaha KX5.
After seeing some kind of Buffy musical, and the private parts of a 'lady' paraded on the awards this year, we're forced to think back to performances that have contributed to making music the innovative vehicle of expression of human excellence that it can be. Herbie Hancock, Thomas Dolby, Howard Jones and Stevie Wonder all show off together at the Grammy awards 1885, a moment that went down in history for the synthesizer. They play a kind of intense medley of all their own hits and jump from their own onto one another's keyboards (Wonder) atop a three-tiered riser, surrounded by at least fifteen keyboards. The collaboration was made possible with the posting of tapes between performers in preparation for the event.

Thanks to Rolling Stone Magazine for highlighting the event. A small dent in the mountain of hyper sexuality, clothes and exploitation that characterises music as 'entertainment' today.

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