#FreeLabRadio Podcast - Deep White Sound

deepwhitesound (DWS) an international online label of free experimental music, sent us the best and the breadth of their collective works for this week's show.

DWS promotes more challenging work available for free download than most sites at the moment. A community of artists working at the fringe of art, technology and society - their practices range from interdisciplinary work in new media, installation and performance to generative and web-based mediums that "expand the possibilities of how sound-based art is experienced, distributed and discussed." This way they do this is not just apparent in the audio, but many works are accompanied by imagery or feature as part of longer listening experiences, or are live takes from performances.

DWS mission statement: Female, queer and ethnic minority experimental artists comprise a woefully under-represented and under-supported demographic and thus are also of particular interest to DWS. That stated, DWS seeks and supports work from all people, everywhere, who wish to broaden the scope of what is possible.

Thanks to DB Amorin for the selection. Amorin is founder of deepwhitesound, born in Honolulu, HI USA and currently lived in Portland, OR USA. An experimental artist himself he supports a small, but evergrowing international community and, in an age when many working with digital distribution fight for copyrights Amorin works to "propagate the ideology that art should be free to access and share". 

He currently works for ProjectGrow, an art studio and urban farm for adults with developmental disabilities and The Creative Music Guild, an all-volunteer non-profit organization facilitating creatively experimental performance in Portland, OR. As a visual and sound artist, his work typically deals with perception, identity and representation, using cheap reproduction methods and DIY techniques to explore malfunction and abstraction in form. For information visit


Pregnant Spore (Chicago, IL USA) is the noise/audio collage/electronics project of Justin Marc Lloyd.

Yacob (Oakland, CA USA) is the solo project of punk / noise musician and multi-instrumentalist Jacob McCann.

Talk Midway (New York, NY USA) is the tape-loop / ambient project of musician Patrick Nylen.

Dreamboat Crusaderz (New York, NY USA) is the vocal loop project of queer composer Jesse

Matthias Boss (Biel, Switzerland) is an improvisational violin and viola player.

Marcello Magliocchi (Italy) is a percussionist using non-traditional objects and surfaces, such as bronze sound sculptures.

Lomz (Belgrade, Serbia) is the solo electronic project of Vukasin Stancevic utilizing digital processing and handmade instruments.

Lezet (Pozega, Serbia) is a one-man experimental music project ranging from processed piano to purely electronic compositions.

Idol Eyes (Phoeniz, AZ USA) is the experimental sonic awareness project of Andrew Craze.

Tomas Tello (Lima, Peru) is a DIY electronic performer and composer utilizing cassettes, radios and altered electronic devices.

New Fast (Oakland, CA USA) is a solo ambient / drone / r&b / tape music influenced project.

George Christian (Bahia, Brazil) is a self-taught guitarist and composer of works that push the boundaries of form and textures.

Colon Apostrophe Semicolon is a DIY sound artist experimenting in home-recorded loops for tape and electronics.

City Dragon (Paris, France) is the solo electronic noise project of Max Kaario.

Andrew and the TV Cowboys (Boston, MA USA) is the solo home recording project of Andrew Cosentino using field recordings and live instrumentations.

DAITSE (Antwerp, Belgium) is the moniker of self-taught pianist and generative sound artist Pieter Van de Walle.

Portland Bike Ensemble (Portland OR USA) is a decade-old loose collective of improvisational musicians using their bicycles as instruments.

Consumer (Portland, OR USA) is the moniker of Matt Palenske who creates abrasive, lo-fi, improvisational beats using his voice and DIY electronics.

Mason Butler (Minneapolis, MN USA) is a multi-instrumentalist and all-over experimental musician using found sound, electronics, lo-fi recording and non-traditional media for musical exploration.

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