Free Lab Radio Show Schedule - Sat nights til Feb 1st

Free Lab Radio
Broadcasts Sat nights 11-midnight, repeats Thursdays 2am on 104.4FM or LISTEN HERE

El Mahdy Jr. on Vinyl
 Sat 11th
No DJs - A bespoke hour of music produced for Free Lab Radio by Turkey-based Algerian producer El Mahdy Jr.  Signed to Boomarm Nation, El Mahdy Jr. has collaborated with ResonanceFM in the past, even submitting tracks for their radio presence at Art Dubai 2012. We'll certainly be taking him to Art Dubai 2014 as well. Super sounds on the very cutting edge of Middle Eastern and Pan-Arabic modern electronica.

Sat 18th
Deep White Sound - Oregan, USA-based free experimental label Deep White Sound supports a community of artists working at the fringe of art, technology and society. Hawaii-born founder DB Amorin is a sound artist and social activist, and he sent Free Lab Radio his selected playlist on request. The mission of DWS is to make challenging, experimental work available via digital download for free and to support and foster a community for artists working at the fringe of technology, the arts and society.

Sat 25th
'Piercing Brightness' - Artist Shezad Dawood and musician/writer Kirk Lake collaborate to create a special radio version of their film 'Piercing Brightness' for Resonance104.4FM. This eerie and engaging science fiction film is set in Preston, Lancashire where the highest number of UFO sightings are reported in the UK, and features an original soundtrack by Makoto Kawabata / Acid Mothers Temple (Japan).

1st February
Digital-Zouk - DJ Umb prvides an hour of Zoukesque music: "As usual recorded live on semi-ancient machinery: Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MK2 & Pioneer DJM 600 – 1st cut/live recording." Mastered by JSTJR, "Zouk Bass" is a term coined by Portugal's Buraka som Sistema during their infamous Boiler Room session in Feb 2013 to describe updated club sounds of an Angolan genre called "Tarraxinha" or "Tarraxo".

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